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Saint Vito Label
Canning Saint Vito Ire
November 10, 2017

Brewed by Fieldwork Brewing Co. in honor and in celebration of the newest Altamont family member! Little Baby Vito. Song Copyright:... Read More
Kegging Off My Little Pale
Kegging Off My Little Pale
September 14, 2017

Anna, our first female brewer kegging off her first beer recipe. This 5.5% ABV pale ale is INSANE, tons of hop... Read More
Hop Wash Video
Hop Wash IIPA Release
September 12, 2017

The Crew had a little fun today filming our Specialty Beer Release for Hop Wash IIPA. This is a light bodied... Read More
Spent Grain Video
SPENT GRAIN – Hella Hoppy Double IPA [VIDEO]
July 11, 2017

Anna mashing out roughly 3,000lbs of spent grain used in brewing 20bbls of our signature Hella Hoppy Double IPA. Go back... Read More
Grain To Grist
GRAIN to GRIST – Altamont Green Collar Pale Ale [VIDEO]
July 7, 2017

Grist is grain that has been separated from its chaff in preparation for grinding. Altamont Beer Works mills a batch of... Read More
Fueling Freedom
August 10, 2016

The “Day of Independence” is here. Being our favorite holiday of the year, the”4th of July” has become a staple of…

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Rocky Moon and Hop Top
Attack of the Belgium’s
August 9, 2016

Things are getting weird around here at the brewery…. First we did a lager, now we are doing Belgium beers! I…

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